Planning a tour is not at all an easy job. You can either go with a planned package by different tourism company or else you will have to plan a perfect trip for yourself. Planning a tour takes a lot of Patience, Knowledge, Understanding, Calculations, Smartness etc. So there are many factors we need to keep in our mind when we are planning a tour. 

First question which comes in our mind, ‘How do we start planning a tour?’ 

Well firstly we should need to calculate our finances and make a budget for the tour, and then calculate exactly on which destination are we going to spend how much. 

  Then on the basis of ur budget you can then move on to plan up your tour.

The next thing what comes up is ‘How to choose the travel destinations and how long can the tour be?’

Well, The tour can be either long or short. The more travel destinations are included, more the tour will go long. Well chosing the travel destinations varies on your intrest. What are your interest’s? You want to have an adventure, peaceful or relaxing trip. Based on your interest you can then research on the features of the particular travel destination. We should always keep in mind that we always plan a tour in a straight line, Clockwise or anti clockwise and not in a zig zag manner.  

 When you plan your tour in a straight line, Clockwise and anti clockwise it will save a lot of time of ur travel and gives you more time at your destination. 

The next question is regarding the ‘Modes of transport, Bookings of hotels and activities at the tourist destination?’

Okay then we decide on what should be our modes of transport? we should checkout what all modes of transport are available to the particular destination. Then decide how to travel to that tourist destination. 

  Either it is Roadways, Waterways, Railways or airways. You can book transport services trough phoneline, online etc. 

How do we book the hotels at first, these days it has been quite easy for booking the hotels. We can book hotels through calls, online etc.  We have various applications for booking the hotels. You can then book the rooms with your budget. ie; Make my trip, and much more. 

Then about the activities at the destination includes sightseeing, cultural activities, sports and adventure activities and much more. Here too you need a lot of  researching before hand the tour. 

 There are many activities you can get involved in. Depending on the destination it can be Skiing, Paragliding, Bungi Jumping, River rafting, Scuba diving, Nightlife and sightseeing’s like Beach, Mueseum, Holy places, Architecture, Monuments, Hill station etc. 

These are the ways you can plan your tour and enjoy it to the fullest.

Pic Courtesy: Google

Info source: The Mad Travellers


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