Winter Ride 1.0-Chikamagalur (The Mad Travellers-Mangalore Edition)

 Hey! let me tell you all about our short and sweet Biking trip to Chikamagalur. The winter ride was powered by The Battalion Bikers (Bangalore) in association with Mangalore Karizma Bikers club (MKBC) and RevLimiterz (Mangalore). So me The Mad Traveller (Ejaz Ahmed) participated as a part of Revlimiterz. To cordinate with all the groups we had the Head Crew of the Battalion Bikers and also a part of the RevLimiterz (Gagan Alva) to guide us and keep us updated. The Meet up time was decided as 5.30 A.M in the morning at the nanthoor junction. The route we chose to take was UPPINANGADY–> SHIRADI GHATS–> SAKLESHPURA–> BELUR–> CHIKAMAGALUR. We had also decided that we are merging with The Battalion Bikers in Belur and then proceed to Chikamagalur. 

So finally after a long wait the day had finally come. It was saturday morning and as decided we all geared up and met up at the nanthoor junction at around 5.30 A.M in the morning. Then having a good long wait for some bikers, We left the nanthoor junction at around 6.20 A.M in the morning. So it was pre-decided that our next stop is for breakfast and it will be at hotel Adithya in Uppinangady which was approximately 60kms away from the city of Mangalore.  

  selfie outside hotel adithya in uppinangady..!!
After the breakfast we start our bikes and roll towards the shiradi ghats. As decided we give our next stop at the view point of shiradi ghats. It was a good road from uppinangady to shiradi ghats. After a quick pitstop at the shiradi ghats. we roll on our bikes again the next stop destination was belur, where we had to meet up the battalion bikers and then proceed to our destination. We move forward and 2 of our bikers (Shakib Basheer and Varun Pinto) were left behind as they had an extra stop for a photoshoot. We had to take a diversion to the left at a place called bhagya which falls after bhalupete. But we unknowingly move forward for 14 more kilometers. We stop there and wait for our 2 fellow bikers who were left behind, suddenly a localite in his bike comes to us and asks ‘ell hogthidira’? (where do you have to go?) we reply saying ‘Belur’. He was like ‘You have taken a very long route sir. This road is via hassan and its too long and he tells us that our 2 companions have taken the right way by taking the left at ‘bhagya’. Then he guides us with the right way and we set on with that route. Going a little more forward at the same route, we find our 2 bikers waiting for us on the road. We again take a quick stop, stretch ourselves and then start our bikes to move forward to our next stop belur. Belur was 25 kms away from the spot. Then we start again to belur, we were already late and we reach belur in the mid noon and as we all were starving we stop in a bakery at the belur cross. Then moving a little more forward we stop at the Yagachi dam in belur and decide to wait for the battalion bikers. After a little wait, we could see the battalion bikers reaching the spot. Then we have a quick introduction session and we leave to our ultimate destination. We ride all togather in a long maintained formation of approximately 40 bikes and we reach chikkamagaluru.   

  Sanjay (left) Ashoka (right) posing for the pictures in Belur. Bikers stop to fuel up!
Then we again have a quick stop to fuel up our bikes and a quick little break. Then we move forward towards our stay (Oakridge Homestay) which was on the lap of Mulayanagiri hills.       
   It was already noon when we reach our homestay and we decide to first have our lunch and then move to mulayanagiri in the evening. So we have our lunch which had variety (Chicken and Veg Biriyani, Egg Curry, Salads etc). After that very good meal at around 3.30 we decide to move towards Mulayanagiri. We all form our prefered formation and move towards the mulayangiri peak with that steap narrow roads.  

 It looked deadly and dangerous. We finally managed to reach the Mulayangiri peak. I was too lazy to gear up, So i didnt! And guess what? I was literally freezing up there. The climate we enjoyed that moment, We hardly experience those climates in other parts of karnataka. Then we spent our time there clicking pictures, shooting videos, chit chatting etc.  

Then we head back towards our homestay. It was quite dark there and it was hard to ride. It was 4 members (Me, Varun, Shakib and Job) who were riding back together. Me and varun decided to fuel up our vehicles and collect cash from ATM so we decided to move to the chikkamagaluru town from our stay. We were accompanied by Job who had his stay at the chikkamagaluru town. Job guided us to the ATM and the petrol pump. Then we found our way back to our stay. It was late, dark and cold. Then we reach our homestay and what i notice was the campfire. It was awesome fun that night. It was amazing with the battalion bikers. The way we hogged the chiken kababs and bhajjis. The Burnout and chit chat session. Dinner made our day complete. Then the late night around 1.30 to 2 most of them crashed and i was one of them too. 
I wake up early in the morning at 7.40. Then we have our breakfast and fresh ourselves and we bid farewell to everyone before we leave.  

 The RevLimiterz had split up into two groups. It was Me, Shakib, Varun and Job in the first group who decided not to take any stop. Another group led by Gagan alva decided to take thier own time to touch down mangalore. Then the group one led by Shakib left the place. It was a good road and we took a stop at the coffee corner in mudigere to have coffee and bread omlets. Then we head down at the view point of charmadi ghats to have a quick photo session there.  

There we experience a little drissle on the way back home and managed to reach mangalore safely by evening. 




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