Trip to Nandi Hills- The Nature Star of Bengaluru

Nandi hills, Hell yeah i call this place the Nature star of Bengaluru. The place in bengaluru where you can enjoy the nature at its best. Nandi hills can be enjoyed early in the morning and late in the evening. you can enjoy the beautiful movement of the clouds as well as a good place for nature lovers and photographers. Nandi hills opens around 6 A.M in the morning. The crowd here will be filled irrespective of it being a weekday or a weekend.  I personally had some great shots from nandi hills, Here are my shots from nandi hills.                    The Early Morning View

                The Place to witness the beauty

                          The Beautiful stands 

                          The Sceanic view

                       The Sun Peeping out

                      The View of Bengaluru

                        When it crowded up

It was pretty cold that morning, and the heavy cold breeze kept me shivering. It was very difficult for me to capture these pictures, But i somehow managed to capture them. 
I was pretty amazed to see children and oldies being so warm, and i was shivering. Maybe because i come from a costal place, i could not bear the cold. I just went on clicking some shots after which i ran into the car and warmed myself. 

The Real Story: 

As our actual plan was to trekk at the Skandagiri Hills, Bangalore. We left our hotel around 1.30 A.M as we had to trekk long for 4 hours in the dark. We reached Skandagiri hills around 2.30 A.M. We were still sleep struck and wondering how do we trekk?. We then notice that the path to the hills was blocked with wooden logs. We then found a couple of localites there, Who informed us that trekking in skandagiri hills were banned, because there were lepords found there. So then we decide to move towards Nandi hills. Nandi hills was 30 kms away from the location we were in. So we drove towards Nandi hills. We reached Nandi hills around 4.30 A.M in the morning. The place crowded up. We had nothing really interesting to do, So had a nap from 4.30 A.M to 6 A.M. Then the gate was opened and we moved towards our destination. Then i had an amazing photo session at the destination, Then it was really unbearable cold and sleep, We drove back to our hotel and had a good sleep. 

Pc: Ejaz Ahmed (The Mad Traveller)

Source: The Mad Travellers


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